Child of Peace Massage

Alison C. Kennedy LMP, CPMT

I graduated from the extended program at Cortiva Institute of Seattle, School of Massage Therapy in 2011. In June 2012, I completed my certification in pediatric massage through the Liddle Kidz Foundation. I have a focused specialization with children on the autism spectrum and with ADHD.

My youngest daughter inspired my interest in pediatric massage. She was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Despite the best intentions of her providers, she became emotionally distant. I started doing a series of sessions with her.

She had never before let me touch her face. After ten sessions, she not only allowed me to work around her face, but she also allowed other practitioners to do the same. And her personality has blossomed, becoming much more social and outgoing.

Our bodies harbor memories of each little bump and bruise, in addition to all the cerebral traumas we hold on to, fueling anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Researchers have discovered that massage can be effective in reducing anxiety and depression, increasing the development of early self-esteem, even when received in single sessions [Moyer, Christopher A., Rounds, James., Hannum, James W. (2004) A Meta-Analysis of Massage Therapy Research. Psychological Bulletin. Vol. 130 No. 1, 3-18]. Additionally, multiple cases have demonstrated that the psychological effects of positive touch can assist in releasing aspects of trauma trapped within the body's muscle memory [Rattray, Fiona., Ludwig, Linda. (2005) Clinical Massage Therapy: Understanding, Assessing and Treating over 70 Conditions. Talus Incorporated. 52-53]. Then consider how massage may effect children who are on the autism spectrum struggling with anxiety, or have experienced trauma, whether physical or psychological. The impact can be life changing. All children stand to benefit greatly from even a single session of massage, just as adults do and I seek to provide that opportunity to children of all ages.

Available by appointment in West Seattle.

Contact me at or 206.923.8766 to schedule an appointment or get more information.